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Exmoor Country Club Welcomes Marie Grimaldi as Membership & Communication Director

May 16, 2024

Congratulations Marie, on your new role as Membership & Communications Director. Grimaldi is tasked with cultivating and maintaining relationships with current and prospective members, implementing original and strategic communication initiatives to enhance the members’ enjoyment of their club, and overseeing the seamless integration of new members into Exmoor's vibrant and growing community.


She'll lead the charge in crafting and disseminating engaging communications that reflect the club's values, brand, and lifestyle, and that serve to inform our members of everything that happens at our active club. This involves developing and coordinating communications through multiple media, including print, digital, video, and social.


Founded in 1896 as Illinois' third golf club, Exmoor is a private, full-service country club, located in Highland Park, Illinois, 28 miles north of Chicago. With a championship golf course designed by Donald J. Ross, Exmoor continues to fulfill its original mission as a family club devoted to the game of golf, while offering a growing range of sports and social opportunities.

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