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ClubWorks Welcomes Renowned Private Club Industry Leader Michael Leemhuis as New Chairman & CEO

July 25, 2022

ClubWorks, a premiere private club and high-end hospitality focused professional services platform, is excited to announce the addition of Michael Leemhuis, M.A. ED., CCM, CCE, PGA Master Professional, as chairman and chief executive officer (CEO).

Prior to joining ClubWorks, Leemhuis spent four years as the president of Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, FL., and more than 16 years as CEO at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD, where he guided both Congressional Country Club and Ocean Reef Club to the number one and number two spots, respectively, in the Platinum Clubs of America ranking. In addition to his impressive track record within private clubs, Leemhuis continues to spend time, through his dedicated consulting firm (Leemhuis Consult, LLC), providing resort and management consulting services to some of the most recognized brands in the industry. Additionally, given his long history overseeing two premiere clubs, Leemhuis will play an instrumental role in supporting existing and potential clients through the design process for new and remodeled amenities.

As chairman and CEO, Leemhuis will be responsible for chairing and overseeing the leadership team as well as contributing to the strategic vision and long-term success of the platform including identifying acquisitions, developing strategic partnerships, and expanding ClubWorks’ service capabilities and client base globally.

“When the concept of ClubWorks was first presented to me six months ago, I was amazed that something as unique, but yet so simple, had not been thought of in our private club and high-end hospitality space. A company that provides owners and operators the ability to leverage critical individual, yet closely related industry services all from one high-end source. No doubt ClubWorks is going to revolutionize the way business is done in our industry. I am excited by the quality and commitment of the individual companies that make up ClubWorks, both now and into the future … the very best of the best in our industry is what we are committed too. I am excited to be a part of this dynamic company and how it will positively impact our industry moving forward,” commented Leemhuis.

Leemhuis' addition bolsters ClubWork’s executive leadership as he joins Henry Wallmeyer, who recently joined ClubWorks as president and COO. “I am thrilled to work side-by-side with a true professional and industry icon like Michael as we build ClubWorks,” says Wallmeyer. “I have had the great fortune of knowing Michael for more than 20 years and working with him in various capacities, and I look forward to us serving the private club community in our new roles.”

“The bench of experienced and respected leadership continues to grow, we are honored to have Michael as part of the team and we could not be more excited about the future for ClubWorks,” says Shaun McGruder, who leads the investment group behind ClubWorks. “More announcements will come soon, and we are truly excited to build a platform that will leave a lasting mark on the industry.”

Leemhuis is a certified PGA of America Professional and PGA of South Africa Master Professional. In 2011, he was recognized as the Club Management Association of America (CMAA) Club Manager of the Year for his dedication and commitment to the club industry, and in 2013 he was presented the BoardRoom Magazine Leadership Award. In 2019, Leemhuis was recognized by CMAA as one of the 10 CMAA “Fellows” in their inaugural class. He has two sons with Dale, his wife of 39 years.

Leemhuis will begin his role on effective immediately and can be reached directly at

About ClubWorks

Formed in January 2022 but combining over 100+ years of history and operations, ClubWorks is a growing professional services platform dedicated to the private club and high-end hospitality industry that is building an esteemed “Network of Excellence” across a variety of service offerings. Through its subsidiaries, ClubWorks is focused on providing top-quality deliverables and a best-in-class experience to its growing base of global clients which includes private clubs, restaurants, high-end hospitality, and select high-end residential clients.

ClubWorks offers a wide variety of services at scale, while maintaining the reputation and personal touch of each underlying brand, including their respective teams, management styles, high-quality work product, and customer service. Currently, through its family of companies, ClubWorks provides its clients master planning, architectural, interior design, as well as furniture, fixture, and accessories design and procurement services. The breadth of services offered will continue to expand as ClubWorks grows its “Network of Excellence” into new and exciting verticals.

For more information on ClubWorks, please contact Henry Wallmeyer at or (202) 400-1825.

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